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BootScript allows you to run whatever lua scripts you want when the client loads (e.g. the UI is reloaded or you log in to a specific character). It saves your script globally, so it's especially useful for scripts that you want to use for customizing the UI (that's what I use it for).

Use /bscript to open the console. There are four buttons at the bottom:

  • Execute will let you run the script in-game, so you can test it.
  • Save saves the script to your global variables file. You must click Save to save the script. Closing the window without saving will not save any changes you make.
  • Cancel closes the window without saving your changes. Clicking the close button ("X") also closes without saving.
  • Clear Text will clear the text box of all content, in case you just want to start over.

To execute your saved script at any time, just type /bscript run in the chat window.

Added with v0.4 - resize frame from bottom right corner. Very handy for long scripts!

Please leave a comment if you have problems.

Credits: The execute script is based on the one found in Pyroklos' InGameScripts addon.


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