4,918 Downloads Game Version: 4.0.11

LootLink allows players to search for items they have found in the game world, seen in chat or discovered from the Auction House. It allows search and linking into chat, as well as records each unique item from the base item discovered. LootLink also shows a Tooltip when searching items in the LootLink interface that will show average prices for items that you mouse over.

LootLink may later contain further features such as item filtering in order to allow players to filter out items they do not wish to auto-loot when looting mobs among other features - Stay Tuned!.

This early beta release is meant for testing.

- Saves information from items linked in Chat, Looted, and while searching the Auction House.
- Build your own Loot database - Search It and Link Items.
- Supports pricing gathered with Advanced AuctionHouse.
- Supports AddonManager.