Advanced Quest Book

320,958 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 16, 2012 Game Version: 4.0.11

Advanced Questbook is designed to help you with your questing needs including information and locations.

News: 06/15/2012 Advanced Questbook is being recoded. While I am in the process of recoding I will be trying to optimize how AQB works as well as possibly adding some new features that have been requested both in the past and present. Updates will be slow for the current AQB releases until I get the new version complete. I will however fix any issues players report if there is indeed an issue needing resolution. Feel free to contact me here on, or via xfire: cryptonxfire.

Updates are done when enough submitted data is gathered or when I have done enough new quests on my Quest Dump Character. Also, new features added when there exists a need for it.

If you do not have AddonManager, use /aqb ingame to open the addon panel or use the provided button ingame.

Want to help Advanced Questbook?
- (English clients only) (or zip into a zip/rar file and email to
- Let others know about this addon so they may enjoy the features it has.
- Donating of course will help the project as it helps motivate me to work harder, of course I will be working hard to make this an excellent addon even without donations but they are welcomed very much!

Please use curse website message system for now.

Current Supported Languages: (contact me for adding official support to your language)
- English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Taiwan, Chinese

Future Plans:
There are many new features that are planned to be implemented in future versions. check back for updates :)

Special Thanks to:
- DFlame for the tooltip fix.
- Daelic for helping support Advanced QuestBook by submitting bug reports, helping test new features.
- Steffe2 for the nice catch on the tooltips information have mixed up XP and TP entries.
- Eklypse76 for translating the UI to Spanish
- ColorLight and upurii for translating the UI to French
- Suchiman and Amiya for translating the UI to German
- yamabuki for translating the UI to Japanese
- Britz for translating the UI to Korean
- antonyliaw for translating the UI to Taiwanese
- rainycc for translating the UI to Chinese
- bronislav84 for many bug reports and testing
- All who have submitted quest data or bugs so far.

There seems to be confusion about why I was not here to update AQB - So, to clarify this matter: I left RoM NOT because I did not care and NOT because I wanted to - I left RoM because I was struggling financially after losing my job. While many players are young, I am not. I have a wife and 2 children which is top prority over a video game. I care very much for the addons I have created and love to do what I do - However, my family will always come first. I worked the past 1.5 years to make things right again and get a new place to live, a steady job and be able to come back here to continue working on my addons. I am sorry that some players do not seem to understand that sometimes there will be more important things in life than worring about an addon for a video game, I (like many others) have my priorities straight. I will not apologize for taking care of my family first. This is all I will say any further on the subject. Now, my focus is to be shifted into coding again. I will also be playing the game as I do like to play when I can.