Auto Equip Ammo

9,938 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 14, 2013 Game Version: 5.0.9

Auto Equip Ammo


Automatically equip any ammo of the same type equipped if you are not at max ammo. This addon will do a check for usable ammo every time your bag changes. This will allow looted ammo to be automatically equipped and save time and money for a Scout. Rogues will find limited usefulness out of this, but if you just equip the ammo type that drops the most then you will most likely not have to worry about running out ever.

You can also buy and unpack your arrows into your transmuter and they will be equipped as well. this will allow you to run with a quiver size of 6000 without sacrificing any bag space

Known Issues

I have not tested it will all the different types of autoloot/autodrop addons. I use Lootomatic and it seems that my arrows get equipped before the auto drop gets kicked in


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