Advanced Combat Log

25,959 Downloads Game Version: 4.0.11
Advanced Combat Log (ACL) is an easily customizable replacement for the default ingame combat log. Advanced Combat Log should work with all language versions of the game, however not all languages are translated for the UI. If you would like to translate, please visit the link here: Default English UI will load for all that are unsupported currently. Slash Command for those without AM: /acl
  • Features:
    • Configuration Panel
    • Easy /acl slash command
    • Easy & Compact configuration.
    • Easy Color Configuration
    • Can be turned on/off without needing to remove the addon.
    • Normal Log Mode (default combat text with colorization)
    • Short Log Mode (Shortened version of combat with colorization including keywords) - More keywords to be added soon!
    • Customizable word order for Short Log Mode
    • Add Timestamps to the combat log if you so choose to.
    • AddonManager Support
    • Does not depend on other libraries to do its job.
    • Does not alter default game variables (such as arg1) so other addons can still read the original data.
    • Works on all languages out of the box without waiting for an update (even if UI has not been translated!)
  • Special Thanks!
    • Yamabuki for testing and translation to Japanese
    • bronislav84 for testing.
    • C3Y for Translation to German
    • matif for translation to Traditional Chinese, Taiwanese, and bug reports
    • rainycc for translation to Simplified Chinese
    • SilverWF for translation to Russian
    • Tschuss for translation to Spanish
If you encounter any bugs or wish to request a new feature, please send me a PM (Private Message) here on, or contact me on Xfire: