Xmas Burning Map!

1,247 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 25, 2016 Game Version: 1.11

Sorry for my English, I'm Hungarian.


I made this burning map for Pat & Jen but everyone else can play it.Please use Minecraft 1.11.

 If not only one player is playing the map, please use the "resources" pack, from the map save folder.


There are 3 burning buildings in this map:


- Burning Santa

- Burning Snowman

- Burning Gingerbread House


When You hit the Start level, You have a few seconds to hide, before the lava fall down. The player who survive the longest is the winner. I spend about 13-14 hours to build it & make the redstone & test it. I hope You like my map. Have a very great day! :)


P.S When You hit the leveler a redstone signal activate a command block which has /fill x y z x y z lava command in it. Sometimes it's a bit laggy!


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