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Advanced Bow System

3,645 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 7, 2019 Game Version: Fabric

Latest version: 1.0.3 for

Minecraft 1.14.4 (Require Fabric API 0.3.1 / build.208 recommended) 

Minecraft 1.14.3 (Require Fabric API 0.3.0 / build.198 recommended)

Minecraft 1.14.2 (Require Fabric API 0.3.0 / build.176 recommended)


Update 1.0.3 Changelog:

 -- Fixed:

-- The chat won't print out the tipped arrow's potion effect.

-- When quiver dropped you can fire arrows infinitely.

-- Added Obsidian shards
-- New Recipe for the obsidian arrow
-- Added Harmless arrow
-- Added multiplayer support
-- Last selected quiver slot is now saved.


Known bugs:
On servers, the quiver's inventory name is broken.
Open quiver's inventory keybind is still buggy.
Quiver keybinds category name is broken.
Selected arrow doesn't get printed out only on host side.


Update 1.0.2 Changelog:

- Mixin for BowItem;

- Now you can use the Vanilla Bow with the new arrows & the quiver too!

- Wodden bow removed. (Vanilla bow has the same functionality)

- Curseforge link updated in the mod file.

- All the new 3 bow works with or without the quiver!

- Fixed this: Sometimes If the Quiver is empty you can still pull the bow back, and it will use durability.

 - Infinity enchantment rewritten: Only the regular flint arrow (vanilla) and the wooden arrow works with the infinity enchantment for gameplay balance!

Note: If a mod extends the BowItem class & don't use any mixin for the BowItem it should work with the quiver & the new arrows!


Update 1.0.1 Changelog:

- Tipped arrows are now working with the quiver & all the new bows.

- Falling anvil sound playing instead arrow shot.

- Made the arrows a bit balanced. (Still not done yet!)

- Quiver's GUI fixed.

- Fixed this:  In creative mod you can still fire the bow if your Quiver is empty but it will shoot nothing.

- Now you can open the quiver's inventory nomater which slot it is in. (But it's still a bit broken!)

- Fixed opening quiver's inventory with keybind then right-clicking bugs inventory.

- Removed unused assets.


New Items:



You can hold arrows in it. (6 stacks, and almost all types of arrows)

The selected arrow will be printed out in chat. (I will try to make a gui that displays the currently selected arrow on the bottom right corner of the screen.)

The default controls are:

U - Select the previous arrow

I - Select the next arrow

M - Opens the quiver's inventory. (Currently only works if you have it in a hotbar slot.)


You can change the keybinds in the controls tab.


This is the main recipe:

But if you have Advanced Rotten Flesh to Leather installed you can use a cheaper recipe too. (Currently, only the RED version works!)


Cactus Spike:

Currently, you can only use it to craft Spiky arrows.


New Bows:


Wooden Bow: (Replaced in 1.0.2, with the vanilla bow!)

the basic vanilla bow, but you can use arrow holders (Quiver) with it.

(Also you can use it as fuel too.)


Iron Bow:

This bow has faster drawback speed, and it is also a lot more durable than most of the bows.


Gold Bow:

Still more durable than the wooden bow, but less than the iron one. It deals extra damage too.


New Arrows:


Wooden Arrow:

(Also you can use it as fuel too.)

It deals half of the regular arrow's damage.


Torch Arrow:

If you hit an entity with it, it sets them on fire. (for 5 seconds)

If you hit the ground with it, it places down a torch.


Redstone torch Arrow:

If you hit an entity with it, it sets them on fire. (for 2.5 seconds)

If you hit the ground with it, it places down a Redstone torch.


Fire Arrow:

If you hit an entity with it, it sets them on fire. (for 5 seconds)

If you hit the ground with it, it places down fire and sets the nearby blocks on fire.


Explosive Arrow Small:

If you hit an entity or the ground with it, it creates a small explosion.


Explosive Arrow Normal:

If you hit an entity with it, it creates a pretty big explosion and deals a lot of damage.

If you hit the ground with it, it blows up after 8 seconds.


Spiky Arrow:

It deals a bit more damage than a regular one. Also, it gives wither effect. (I will replace it with bleeding effect)


Obsidian Arrow:

It deals a lot of damage, almost one-hit kills any mob.

Harmless Arrow:

Deals 0 damage to mobs, deals half a heart to players when you shoot the player's leg.



If you find a new bug please let me know in the comments!

Bugs (I try to fix them ASAP):

- You can only use it in singleplayer.

- The new arrows won't deal as much damage as intended.

- The chat won't print out the tipped arrow's potion effect.

- With the vanilla bow or the crossbow, you can use the new arrows but they act as a regular one.

- Sometimes if the quiver is empty you can still pull back the bow, and it will lose durability.



- Fix all the bugs.

- Server support

- Display currently selected arrow on the bottom right.

- Make vanilla bow compatible with the quiver

 -Add texture to the iron bow.

- Make it compatible with Tool Builder.


For Devs:

If I finished with this mod, and fixed the bugs I will provide a way to make custom arrows & bows compatible with my mod.

For now, if you have time you can help me translate my mod for a different language.



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