Advanced Rotten Flesh to Leather

38,733 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2


Updated to Forge 1.15! 


This is a very simple mod, that allows you to convert rotten flesh to leather. I don't own the idea of this mod! I couldn't find a mod for 1.12, 1.13.2, 1.14.X, 1.15.X so I made one myself.


You can choose from 3 different mod version (The blue is only for 1.13.2, 1.14.X, 1.15.X!):



You need to install the corresponding Fabric Api to your Minecraft version!

If you want to use this mod on a server, you need to put the Fabric Api to the server's mods folder!


-- Blue Plus:

Only for 1.14 version & above!

Works the same as the blue version, except you can coock rotten flesh in smokers and campfires.


-- Blue: You can smelt rotten flesh in a furnace to get leather.

Only for 1.13.2 version & above!


-- Orange: Allows you to craft leather with rotten flesh, sugar, and bone meal.



-- Red: For this one, you need to craft flesh pieces first:

You need 9 flesh pice to craft a leather:




Supported Minecraft versions:


RFTLO1.1 - MC1.12.X

RFTLR1.1 - MC1.12.X


RFTLO1.3.2 - MC1.13.2

RFTLR1.3.2 - MC1.13.2 

RFTLB1.3.2 - MC1.13.2 


RFTLO1.4.4- MC1.14.X

RFTLR1.4.4 - MC1.14.X 

RFTLB1.4.4 - MC1.14.X 


RFTLBPlus1.4.4 - MC1.14.X


RFTLO1.5.2- MC1.15.X

RFTLR1.5.2 - MC1.15.X 

RFTLB1.5.2 - MC1.15.X 


RFTLBPlus1.5.2 - MC1.15.X



RFTLO1.4.4- MC1.14.X   & MC1.15.X

RFTLR1.4.4 - MC1.14.X  & MC1.15.X

RFTLB1.4.4 - MC1.14.X  & MC1.15.X

RFTLBPlus1.4.4 - MC1.14.X  & MC1.15.X


 Mods that use the flesh pieces:

  -- Advanced Bow System (Fabric)


If you want to make custom recipes that involve using the flesh pieces you can. Here is an example for Fabric & Forge 1.14.4 Minecraft:


Mod Reviews:

By: Niche Duck


I will try to merge the orange and the red version, and allow the players to select which crafting recipe they want to use.

Sorry for my English! I'm Hungarian!


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