The Twist Labs (Remastered)

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The Twist Labs (Remastered)

for Minecraft 1.16.2



An adventure and puzzle map for two players.


An exciting day of playing many exciting Minecraft adventure maps is
coming to an end and you're going to sleep. But then everything is different.
Your dream becomes a new adventure, but is it possible?
Why is so much familiar to you? Will your friendship survive this adventure?
Face the challenge and show what you can do.

A journey through the (map-) experiences of the past.



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Let's Play (Spoiler!)

Thank you, Ylon & Rosa.


Previous Maps

This map is very similar to "The Twist Labs" of 2017, but has been
remastered both technically and in terms of content for the newest
Minecraft version. So you can continue to play this popular map!


Take a look at our three previous maps. It's best you
play these three before this one to have even more fun
and to understand this map completely!


>> Das Labor im Eis (2014) / The Ice Lab (2015)
>> Der Tempel im Dschungel (2015) / The Jungle Temple (2016)
>> Die Forschungsstation unter Wasser (2015) / The Prismarine Lab (2016)
>> The Twist Labs (2017) <- It's the first version of this map


Resource pack

For story output, captions, and minor adjustments the attached
resource pack is mandatory for both players. You will find it inside the world file!

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