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Map Info:
The Ice Lab - An Adventure / Puzzle Map for two players.

You are here in the ice laboratory of professor icy.
His treasures which you want to loot are hidden in the whole laboratory.
However, he has put up traps and puzzles.
Take care of yourselves!


Made by warco311, MaxLoewe & christina_12.




(Let's Play by Fortune Ventures - Thank you so much!)



  • Only mine wool and carpet.
  • Tripwire is not evil - Just enables the next part.
  • Gold nuggets are the hidden treasures of the professor.
  • If the wall is plain-colored, just one player is allowed to go there.
  • Crafting is not allowed in your inventory, but rather on a crafting table.
  • Play in easy (not peaceful), so you can sometimes even die.

Terms of use:

  • Do not upload / publish somewhere else.
  • However you are welcome to link the download page.
  • When publishing screenshots / videos please link the page.
  • The map has cost us much work, please respect the terms of use.

Enjoy & Thanks for playing :)

Estimated duration: 1.5 - 2.5 hours.


"The Ice Lab" was originally developed in German and then completely translated into English. This is a re-upload onto curse to reach even more players :)


Recommendations by players:

We had so much fun playing this map, so well thought out, if I could give stars it would most definitely be 5! -- TheReds123

What a nice surprise ! We had alot of fun with my friend playing this map for Youtube. -- Coordia

And last but not least, our friends who made the wonderful let's play and thumbnails:

We played this map, we loved it. We hope you guys make more maps! :D -- Fortune Ventures

(These comments are from http://www.minecraftmaps.com/puzzle-maps/the-ice-lab)