Sprint Racer

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From the creators of Mario Kart in Minecraft comes another combat racing map! This one's free of copyrighted material and has been included officially on Java Minecraft Realms. Sprint Racer isn't just a simple copy/paste however... it's been re-written, re-balanced, and polished to a mirror shine!




  • Support for any number players (1 to infinity)
  • Race and Battle modes
  • 41 race tracks, 16 battle arenas
  • 20 unique items
  • Custom track editor (*non-Realms exclusive feature)
  • Intelligent AI opponents
  • Creative Commons soundtrack (courtesy of ZetaSphere and Argofox records)
  • Loads of options and extra features
  • Hidden cheat codes
  • "Admin mode" for public servers


 Supported Languages

  • English
  • French (fr_fr, fr_ca)
  • Simplified Chinese (zh_cn)
  • Korean (ko)
  • LOLCAT (lol_us)



Compatible with:

  • Minecraft Java 1.16 - 1.19 (make sure you've got the correct map version!)
  • BungeeCord
  • Fabric (game stability is NOT guaranteed, it's recommended you play vanilla)

NOT compatible with:

  • Forge mod loader (causes scoreboard data corruption)
  • Multiverse
  • Excessive amounts of server plugins (something will probably go wrong)
  • Releases of Minecraft other than Java Edition


What's changed since Mario Kart MC?

  • Performance and stability are way better!
  • Gameplay is more finely-tuned and well balanced!
  • Single-player offering is a lot better with the addition of AI.
  • Old tracks have seen many improvements.
  • There are many new exclusive tracks!
  • Items are re-worked.
  • Item boxes come in various flavors.
  • The lobby is streamlined, yet it offers more customization than before!
  • The track editor is much more user-friendly.


 You can play with your friends online at mgm.spmc.co

> Online and hosting Sprint Racer as of August 2022. Enter the minigame portal and select Sprint Racer to play.


 Sprint Racer is also available on StickyPiston trials:



Game design -- Flamingosaurus, VioletRosa

Programming -- Flamingosaurus

Game lobby -- MCFilms, Jayjo

Track design -- VioletRosa, Flamingosaurus, ReflectedMantis, RedstoneBattery, alyssonjac6, Marioman237, Darkbrine, MCFilms, Jayjo, StraightFlex, Mezimo, Cqvid_69, SenpaiiPepe

Custom models -- Frenderman, Flamingosaurus

Testing/feedback -- ashjade210, CosmicMary, ReflectedMantis, Darkbrine, MCFilms, Szpecter, KittyCatElite, Bed_Gsd, MarioSpore

Promotional material -- FortressFrog, Mezimo, Frenderman

Special thanks: StickyPiston hosting -- Mezimo, Eonic, CosmicCortexSP, Darkbrine


Lightning round!

Can I re-publish this?

  • I'd prefer not... unless you're translating to another language and giving proper credit! :)

Can I mod this?

  • Absolutely, go for it!
  • Turn the .zip files inside the datapack into folders to edit code!
  • It's also possible to edit the resource pack to replace the in-game music.

Resource Pack where?

  • Included with the download!

Is the in-game music safe for online content?

  • Yes! Just include the following message:

Sprint Racer has music courtesy of:

ZetaSphere -> https://soundcloud.com/zetasphere
Argofox -> https://soundcloud.com/argofox


  • Worried? You can turn off the in-game music by clicking the jukebox in your inventory (or set Minecraft's Jukebox sound to 0%).

Bedrock version?


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