Doze Off

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Doze Off is a block puzzler where you drive a bulldozer with a third person viewpoint.

All you need to do is push blocks to where they need to go. Sounds easy, right?

The game combines aspects of legendary puzzle games like Sokoban and Stephen's Sausage Roll.



The puzzles!

There are over 50 puzzles to take on. They're divided into 4 sets of varying difficulty.

There are plenty of gimmicks in the puzzles. You'll interact with different types of blocks and use your Bulldozer in wacky ways that are probably not up to safety standards. Don't tell your foreman.





Programming, building, puzzle design -- Flamingosaurus

Design, art -- Frenderman

Audio -- VioletRosa

Testing and Feedback -- RedstoneBattery, Endermity, Darkbrine_, MCFilms, Cqvid_69, Bed_gsd, Flashny



Map jam?

This map was originally created for the Fingermaps Map Jam 2021. Each team had just over 3 days to create a map with a construction theme. We won!

We've since improved the map by fixing bugs, adding some bells and whistles, and increasing the number of puzzles four-fold. I also put in a tutorial so MCFilms would stop throwing bricks at my window








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