Sheep Ship Adventure

2,807 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 15, 2022 Game Version: 1.19.3  


In this quest map, you'll become Berakko the sheep and go sailing on a yacht; you'll be completing tasks of the various characters, and even solving a crime!


The main mechanics of the Sheep Ship Adventure map is the completion of various tasks given by the passengers of the yacht or its crew: looking for a crab, repairing the engine, removing seaweed and many others!
To achieve those goals, you'll have to search for the needed items hidden around the areas and sometimes think about what to craft of them!

Several interesting mechanics will bring the game closer to a classic quest, while background sounds can make your stay on the sheep ship more immersive! Plus, there are still some surprises in store for you!


Walkthrough is here!


The map is playable only by one player, but if you want to, others may spectate the main player!

Good luck with the adventure!


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