Against Iskerside 2

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Against Iskerside 2


Try "Against Iskerside 1" first!


The second and final part of the Against Iskerside series! Here you'll continue to be a scientist, escape from the colony of the sorcerer called Iskerside to assemble a team, and defeat him at last! Along the way, you'll need to communicate with the villagers who can help you, and find tricky ways to achieve your goals, almost like in the previous part of the map.

The map turned out to be longer than the first one, more quests and generally no more parkour!
In total there are 4 chapters, the first 3 of which are similar to the first of "Against Iskerside 1". There are several secret items that can be found. Also, the map still contains humour, but this time it's better, I think :). Memorable characters, confusing puzzles, interesting ideas, an amusing story, a "half-open world" - it's all here!

For a better look, it uses enough particles and sounds, so don't turn them off!  I think you can play this map even if you did not complete the previous one! Be attentive and smart and you will complete it!


The rules of the map and everything else written inside.

Singleplayer only!


Here is the map walkthrough


 Good luck on the map!


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