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The Minecraft Zoo!



This is the Minecraft Zoo that I might include in my New Port City Map! It has all kinds of mobs both hostile and regular mobs. There are places where you can interact including a working ATM! Check it out through the map download link below. It has many different cages with more coming soon! There is even an indoor hostile mob exhibition. If you want to use this creation in your map then give me credit by linking this page and my Youtube channel! If you want a bigger map with a market place and rides then download the map. If it reaches 200 downloads I will make a second edition! I included the new animals from 1.12,1.11, and 1.10  like the Parrot, Llama, and the Polar Bear!





Can you get all 3 keys from the map? If you did comment down below with a pic!


How to install
1. Download the map from the link in the description.
2. Extract the file from the zip
3. Put it in your saves.
4. Load Minecraft



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