Lucky Blocks Race

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This is one of the few I am going to be releasing in the coming months. It is a small race but I will expand it in the future with more parts. It has a PvP Arena and a Sumotori ring after the race. V 1.1 should be played in 1.12 only! The map requires Lucky Blocks mod. The mod is created by Alex Socha (PlayerInDistress) and all rights to the mod belong to him. Check out the mod from the link below. Feel free to use this map in any videos as long as you give me credit and link my Youtube channel! If you enjoyed playing this map please give it a rating on Planet Minecraft. Any suggestions? Ask me on social media!



How to play

-Requires Lucky Block Mod 1.11

-Requires Minecraft PC full version 1.11


The objective is to beat your opponent to the end of the map. Also you have to collect weapons, armor etc so you can win the battle at the end in the arena. Good Luck!


How to install

1. Download the map from the link in the description.

2. Extract the file from the zip

3. Put it in your saves.

4. Load Minecraft




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 Lucky Blocks Mod


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