Mega Hellion by Mineguy1009

"It's dimensional volume* is  is an incredible 250,059 blocks. Some of it's weapons were over 20 meters long - the biggest battleship ever . . . it can fire a massive shell through a wall 10 meters thick." - Mineguy1009


*The dimensional volume of a creation is the volume of a rectangular prism that has the exact same dimensions as the given creation.


Mega Hellion is 6 times larger than its predecessor (The Hellion). It's 123 meters long, 107 meters wide and stands 19 meters high. Making it's debut in "Slime-Stone - Rise of the New King - Episode 4: Behold!", it is the most ridiculously huge slimestone battleship ever to grace Minecraft, one of the largest slimestone creations Minecraft has ever seen. Mega Hellion is based off of the HMP Droid Gunship from Star Wars (albeit being ten times bigger than the latter!), and is by far my craziest contraption yet.


The features-


Engine Unit - Flint and Steel-powered Start/Stop Engine




2 Sequential Triple Tunnel Bore Torpedo Launchers (Uses Alex_you's Ultimate Tunnel Bore Missile)

4 Modified Tomahawk Missile Launchers

2 Timed Precision Bomber Launchers

2 Multi-Range Argusfish Cannons

2 A1 Front Cannons (These weapons can only fire while the ship is moving)

2 B2 Multi-Range Side Cannons

2 Movable Storage Compartments


Other Features


Crew of 7 Players

Walkways Everywhere


Vulnerable to . . . not much. Mega Hellion has a huge shell that makes it extremely difficult to directly hit one of the missiles

from above, and the ship is pretty hard to blow up from below. However, the ship will take damage from explosions, especially from TNT Missiles. Players that are skilled at using bows can blow up the ship using flaming arrows.




Causes A LOT of LAG while moving, so take it easy.

There are a few weak spots in the protective shell.

Some of the missiles are easier to hit because they are not being protected by the shell as much.

Its full potential can only be wielded 1.8.x

Really slow...


Disclaimer - The Mega Hellion, its design, and the weapons it uses are not related to the Star Wars in any way,  shape, or form.

The A1 Front Cannons, the B2 Multi-Range Side Cannons, the Sequential Triple Tunnel Bore Torpedo Launchers, the Modified Tomahawk Missile Launchers, and the Timed Precision Bomber Launchers were made by me. The Ultimate Tunnel Bore Missile was created by Alex_you. The Tomahawk Missile used here is a modified variant of Cubehamster's original design. The Precision Bomber was created by Cubehamster as well. All rights are reserved to their original owners.


WARNING: Mega Hellion is available for Fair Use only. Copyright infringement of any part of this build will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, and is punishable according to the laws of the country that you live in, unless you accidentally forgot to give me the credit for it, as long as you remember to give credit to me later. Otherwise, this will be considered copyright infringement until the proper credit is given.