Advanced Sticky Bombs

This 1.12 function is a creation that allows you to easily add sticky bombs into your world. These bombs can be thrown, detonated and defused using the appropriate items.


Function Stats (Function weapons:stickybombs):

Number of commands: 24
Type: Repeating
/gamerule gameLoopFunction compatibility: Yes


Function Stats (Function weapons:stickybombitems):

Number of commands: 3
Type: Impulse
/gamerule gameLoopFunction compatibility: No


Special Thanks to:

TheRedEngineer: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRedEng




In order to install these functions for your own world, go to this world's functions folder (found within the world's data folder) and copy the weapons folder. Then go to your world's functions folder and paste the weapons folder inside.


To activate the functions go to your world (make sure the world choose has the weapons folder from this world), open the chat bar, and type in the command /reload (This command reloads any functions that are added, removed, or modified). Then type in the command /gamerule gameLoopFunction weapons:stickybombs (This command will make the function run indefinitely without the need for command blocks) or place a repeating command block and set its command to /function weapons:stickybombs (This does the same thing as the previous command).


WARNING: This creation is available for Fair Use only. Copyright infringement of any part of this build will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form, and is punishable according to the laws of the country that you live in, unless you accidentally forgot to give me the credit for it, as long as you remember to give credit to me later. Otherwise, this will be considered copyright infringement until the proper credit is given.