The Selkirk Mountain Base

Hidden deep within the Selkir Mountains is the mysterious home of Rubix One. Hidden inside Mount Selkirk, this house is filled to the rim with redstone contraptions and hidden secrets. Lined with redstone wiring and secret passageways, the base is as much of a redstone contraption as it is a network of hidden hallways. It is by far the biggest redstone creation Rubix has ever made. In fact, he has been working on it over the course of several months. Now, it is finished.




Creations by Rubix One:


2-wide Torch Key (flush with the floor)

Secret Staircase Entrance

Hidden Crafting Table

Hidden Furnace Array

Pop Out Armor Stand

Several 3x2 Jeb Doors

2 Automatic Anvil Replacers

3 Alternating Piston Quintuplets

Realistic Up and Down Piston Elevator

2 Seamless 6x6 Vault Doors

Fold Away Floor (Expandable 4 wide Trapdoor)

Pop Out Staircase to Heaven

2 Simple Secret Staircases (Not flush with the floor)

Supercharged 4x4 Vault Door

5 Redstoneless Color Combination Lock Modules

1 Simple Torch Key

1 Ceiling Torch Key

1 3-Wide Secret Fireplace Entrance

1 Quad Core Redstone Reactor


Creations Made by other YouTubers:


3x2 Piston Door with Lock (Original Creator unknown)

Several Flush with the wall torch keys (design by xisumavoid)

Several Redstone Dust Keys (design by Mumbo Jumbo)

2 3x3 Piston Doors (design by Mumbo Jumbo)

Double Block Extender by Mumbo Jumbo

Ultimate Potion Brewer by Mumbo Jumbo

Transforming Cave by Mumbo Jumbo

Room Swapper by The DukeMC

2 Minecart PEZ Dispensers (Original Creator unknown) with an accompanying railway system made by Rubix One)

Spawn Tower by RKF Walter

1 2x2 Jeb Door (Original Creator unknown)

Several 1x2 Jeb Doors (Original Creator unknown)

6 Tileable 1 Wide XOR Gates (design by Samsamsam1234)

Super Smelter by Mumbo Jumbo

Realistic Multi-Floor Elevator by ilmango

2 Super Sprinters (Original Creator unknown)

Triple Room Swapper by TheDukeMC


Other Features:


End Portal

Cobblestone Generator



*There may be a few things that I missed, as the base is so massive making sure every single build inside is listed here can be difficult sometimes. I have tried my best to make sure every single creation is listed.