Against Iskerside 1

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Against Iskerside 1


Against Iskerside 2 is already released!


When the scientists forbade magic, the sorcerer called Iskerside resented - he was expelled from the scientists. Then he began to make an insidious plan to get the main prize at the annual scientific exhibition, and you, as a scientist, did not suspect that you would get into an intricate story by going there...


Inspired by "point-and-click" quests, I did most of the map with puzzles like them: in a small open location, talking to villagers, trading objects and use them inappropriately to the environment, you need to access the next locations and story! The other part of the map is made up of not very hard parkour and something else. Also, there is a bit of humour on the map!


Use your Minecraft knowledge and ingenuity to solve intricate puzzles and go through the story in three chapters!


This is the first part of two, which together compose a full story about the confrontation against Iskerside!


All rules and requirements are written inside the map.

Singleplayer only!


Here is the map walkthrough


Well, enjoy the map!


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