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17/04/2021: This pack is officially discontinued. It's been fun working on it, but the last couple years have been pretty hectic, and I just don't really have the energy or motivation to work on it anymore. The pack downloads will stay up, and I've updated the license if anyone wants to use the textures in their mods, or wants to continue the pack themselves. Thanks for sticking around! 



Welcome to the Transmobifier! A resource pack for Minecraft Java Edition that allows you to customize the mobs in your world using nametags. This pack currently has 67 custom mob textures. All mob changes only appear for those using the resource pack, so you can use this anywhere! (Vanilla survival, multiplayer servers, realms, etc.)


This pack REQUIRES OptiFine 1.13 HD U E4 (Or any other version that supports name-based random mobs) in order to work.


For a list of all of the mob names + IDs for 1.13+, click HERE.


For a list of all of the mob names + IDs for 1.12, click HERE.



Custom Optifine mobs in resource packs can not be layered unfortunately. Any other resource pack that uses custom entity models and/or random mobs features will not be compatible with this resource pack. To ensure the TransMobifier works properly, make sure it's at the top of your resource packs list.



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: How do I install the Transmobifier?

A: You copy it into your resource packs folder.


Q: When is the next update?
A: ┐(゚~゚)┌


Q: Do I really need Optifine?
A: Yes. This pack will not work without it.


Q: I don't want to download Optifine because it will give me a virus!
A: Optifine will not give you a virus. It is not malicious. Unfortunately the download links for it display ads that can sometimes be malicious, and it has also been re-uploaded to a handful of shady websites. Make sure you download it from optifine.netDo not click on the ads. Wait for the timer at the top right to end and then click "Skip ad." Alternatively, just use the mirror link to get a direct download and skip the ads entirely.


Q: Can you make a version without Optifine/for Pocket Edition/Win10/Console/any other platform?
A: No, this is currently impossible.


Q: Can you make this into a mod?

A: No. I have no experience creating mods, and the point of this pack is to add custom cosmetics while keeping your world vanilla. Making it a mod would defeat that purpose.


Q: I have an idea for a new mob! Can you add it to the pack?

A: If it's feasible and I like the idea, then I might. Keep in mind this resource pack is just for mobs. I will not take suggestions for custom tile entities (chests, shulker boxes, etc.)


Q: Why haven't you added my suggestion yet? Did you forget?

A: I've got my own work schedule and it may take me a while to add a suggestion. Please be patient. Please don't repost your suggestion multiple times. I see them all the first time. Don't worry.


Q: Do you have a version for 1.10/1.9 etc...

A: Right now, the Transmobifier was intended for use with Minecraft 1.12.2 and up. It may work on previous versions of minecraft as long as you have a version of Optifine that supports the features it requires. I make no guarantees though.


Q: Can you give me edit access to the mob spreadsheet?
A: No. I'm not sure why you would need it in the first place. If you're looking to post suggestions, just send me a PM or post it here.


Q: Is there a map I can download to preview everything?

A: No, and I don't have any plans to make one. Feel free to make one yourself and post it though!