Mickey Joe's Relatively Improved Default

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107,617 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Disclaimer: You will need to install OptiFine to take full advantage of this pack's features. That is all.


👉 The changelog: https://youtu.be/k3r13mnZGbE 🌈

Mickey Joe's Relatively Improved Default (RID) is a pack I made initially just for personal use. At one point I made a Reddit post with a screenshot of what I had made. The post got a surprising amount of satisfying feedback so I decided to try to turn my work into an actual pack. Which you can play with! or don't. i can't tell you what to do

Everything in this pack is free to use for whatever you want. I can't take credit for the textures, as they're based on textures Mojang made. for more info on redistribution, check out this document I wrote up.

👉 if you're a nerd and prefer to read, here's a very comprehensible (and equally fun) changelog I've kept over the past few years.

👉 for the Competitively Perfect PVP Edit of my RID, hit up this short-URL: http://adfoc.us/50988074477483 (click the skip button in the top-right that appears after 6 seconds) 💸


💰 pay my 'bills' - https://www.Patreon.com/MushirMickeyJoe
📷 the Gram - https://www.Instagram.com/MushirMickeyJoe
🛸 read all about it - https://www.Reddit.com/user/MushirMickeyJoe
🐦 Tweets - https://Twitter.com/MushirMickeyJoe


but really, what I care most about you checking out is my YT channel - https://www.YouTube.com/c/MickeyJoeAlpha-G



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