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Tigers Perplexing Origins

Tiger's Perplexing Origins is an addon for origins that adds:

15 new origins,
Reworks/Buffs to the default origins, and
1 new Origins Classes class

Origins, Origins Classes & Pehkui Required!


This pack also has built-in compatibility with a few other mods like farmer's delight, but they are not needed.


These origins are much more complex & tend to lean into a certain playstyle. It is recommended for more experienced origins players who are looking for an origin that matches the way they play.


You can disable each of these origins/powers individually in the origins config if needed.


Do not ask for backports. origins for older versions has much more limited capabilities and thus most of these origins would not work there.

Fabric Version Coming soon


Some Origins also gain Bonuses for wearing certain gear. These are indicated in teal text. 




General Dietary Reworks (Carnivore & Vegetarian origins)

-has Farmers Delight Support

-meef stroganoff & experiment 115 can be eaten by anyone


Origins Reworks:


Rework summary (the reasons for these changes):

Human: Just some lore for the human to make it feel more like an actual origin


Feline: The Stone Penalty was considered the worst part of this origin, it has been toned down and a few new upsides & downsides were added


Merling: Not being able to crit due to always being in water make combat a bit difficult. Now the merling can always crit underwater and a few extra buffs were also added to make tridents more viable & ocean monument raiding easier.


Arachnid: Just like in the spiders 2.0 mod, the arachnid can now climb ceilings. Also has immunity to poison just like spiders in minecraft.


Shulk: Leaning more into the shulker side of this origin, it can now levitate mobs with its arrows but becomes weaker in water.


Blazeborn: Similar to shulk it leans more into the blaze side of the origin, allowing it to shoot fireballs fall slowly but also becomes weaker in cold areas.

Avian: Normally the avian has a harder time getting critical hits due to the slowfall but now it can crit by sprinting. Also the avian's speed in the air is now affected by movement modifiers.


Enderian: Now the enderian can pick up grass blocks like an enderman! Also a dragon damage penalty (hopefully) encourages you to defend the ender dragon instead of attacking her


Elytrian: Can wear the steeleaf armor from twilight forest despite the armor restriction, an otherwise underused armor set from that mod

Phantom: Now is undead because phantoms (the mob) are undead



=Updated description, and 4 "joke powers" that do nothing.


+Critical Hits while sprinting
+Can eat seeds
=Aerial Acrobat: Your speed in the air is affected by your movement speed.


+Can climb ceilings
+Immune to poison

=half a block wider


+Can wear Steeleaf Armor despite the armor restriction (Twilight Forest)


+Stone mining penalty reduced to -66% if 3 natural stone is adjacent to it.
+1 extra luck when fishing
-33% Attack Speed & Damage when not using a knife/dagger
-Gets weakness in water when not wearing water protection


+Levitation Shots: Your arrows & other projectile attacks inflict levitation on enemies on the ground (5 second cooldown). Shooting enemies in the air deal 25% more damage
-Gets weakness in water when not wearing water protection

-Cannot use modded shields from twilight forest or the bumblezone


+Grass Picking: Can pick up grass blocks with bare hands without silk touch.
=1 block taller and skinnier
-Cannot eat any modded foods with pumpkins in it
-Draconic Worship: 50% less damage to dragons.


+Can breathe in cauldrons
+Always deals critical hits when underwater, Tridents always crit
+Gets 1 less level of mining fatigue

+With Aquaculture Installed: Merling gets extra armor from wearing neptunium armor. Full Set allows breathing on land.


+If Create is Installed: Can eat blaze cakes for a haste boost
+Slow falling
+Ability: Can shoot 3 fireballs in quick succession. 8 second cooldown, 1 second startup.
-Moves slower in cold biomes


=Is Undead


Origins Classes Reworks:


Rework Summary:

Rogue: One of the most underused classes in origins classes, mainly because of the extremely long 10 seconds of sneaking to gain most of its benefits. A shorter stealth delay and less punishing when you stop sneaking should make the class more enticing to pick


Lumberjack:If the miner can get no exhaustion from mining stone, why can't the lumberjack get no exhaustion from chopping trees? Foraging for apples is a bit more useful for food now that you don't lose hunger while cutting the leaves


Merchant: A completely random item for another item was absolutely broken; sometimes he would sell creative mode exclusive items!!!. Instead wandering traders will offer items themed more around the wandering trader, like leads & invisibility potions so you no longer have to kill the trader for them.



+Only have to hold down sneak for 7 seconds to enter stealth instead of 10


When you stop sneaking stealth rapidly goes back down at double rate instead of immediately resetting. It takes 3.5 seconds for a full bar to completely reset.



+Efficient Chopping: Chopping Leaves or logs does not cause exhaustion. 


-Charisma has been heavily nerfed to sell specific items instead of just a completely random item for another item:

These trades can be changed through the loot tables


In the First Trade the trader will buy 5-10 Emeralds and sell you one of the following

Milk Bucket
4-6 Leather
3-4 Leads
Invisibility Potion (3 minutes)



there is a chance to generate one of the following modded items instead of the above, if that mod is installed:

Random Iron's Spellbooks loot (arcane essence, rarely a common/uncommon spell)
Random Twilight Forest loot (ironwood ingots)
Random Blue Skies loot (vegetables, raw aquite)
Farmer's Delight Seeds (cabbage)
Infernal Expansion loot

Blank Quark Rune


In the Second trade, the wandering trader will offer

5-10 Emeralds for a mystery potion, which can give you any vanilla potion effect similar to suspicious stews (except hero of the village, bad omen & darkness)


In the Third trade, the trader offers a

Random Map to either a Pillager Outpost or Ruined Portal
12-18 emeralds



New Origins:



+Great Land/Water Hybrid with faster regen at low health
-Always on the move; Being in either water or on land for too long can be harmful
Works best in shallow waters


+Accelerates very quickly by sprinting becoming the fastest origin in this pack
-Can't swim. Makes ocean traveling dangerous if your boat gets destroyed in the middle of the ocean. In the endgame this could be used to your advantage with water breathing to travel the ocean floor
-Loses hunger fast when running around


+Extra resources from ores is great all around from early to endgame
-Your tendency to live in caves and explosion vulnerability makes creepers a worse threat to look out for


+Sneaky water assassin that can get the jump with its leap ability; the ability to eat endlessly means full saturation is always possible
-Harder to trade with villagers and being on land for too long and similar to the axolotl has to constantly manage being on water and land
-Being a carnivore means no golden apples


+Really Tanky and fast in the water
-Very Slow; Slowness can only be negated with slowfall which still hinders sprint jump speed


+Pets tamed by you are much stronger & you have the ability to hide in leaves
+Easier earlygame
-Surviving in the nether is much harder


+Can hide by standing still & can slightly pierce the armor of tough enemies
-However being only able to regen health by standing still or killing mobs means he is not great against most bosses


+Great mobility and can strike lightning whenever he wants
+Strong endgame potential
-Creepers are a worse threat due to them being charged and being only able to wear enchanted armor makes it worse earlygame

+Starts with an elytra
+Easy time in the nether and most of the earlygame
-Has a slower elytra meaning you will be slower than elytrians and endgame players who obtained their elytra, and you need to be more careful due to your damage vulnerabilities


=Can turn completely invisible while sneaking which makes the tiger useful for spying on other players and delivering a sneak attack... just don't get caught or your sneak attack will backfire!
-Has a harder time in illager raids

-Being a carnivore means no golden apples


+Great against melee mobs with his ability to dodge them
+Has a double jump
-Really hard earlygame due to only being able to eat dairy items.


+Has a slow form of flight
+Hard to hit most of the time
=Being able to sit on anything you want
-Weak in places with tight spaces and poison; like abandoned mineshafts


+Can fake its death every 5 minutes to confuse mobs & players and get out of sticky situations
-Can't fake its death against environmental damage and it is very easy to die while your revive is on cooldown due to your reduced health & armor


=Uses the hunger effect as a form of healing instead of food, this makes foods like pufferfish really good for healing while golden apples not as much due to the regeneration not affecting you
=Hunger management is the main gimmick of this origin: you can stay at low hunger for extra damage or high hunger to be able to keep sprinting
-Harsh early game due to burning in daylight and even in endgame slowly chipping away at your helmet's durability
=Is an undead


+Higher Health, Damage & Improving netherite makes the Swinebrute one of the best endgame origins if playing vanilla
=Becomes undead outside the nether which makes you slower and stronger
-Has the roughest start early game, starting in the nether, surviving on hoglin pork and unlike the blazeborn no fire resistance


Impact Level: 1
+Breathes 3x as long underwater
+Slowly regens health when at low health (does not work when suffering dryout or starving)
+Does not sink underwater
+Faster swim speed (less than merling)
+Can mine underwater
+Loses hunger slower
-1 less heart
-Dehydrated: If you are on land for longer than 5 minutes, take fire damage, gain slowness & hunger. Standing in water hydrates yourself.


Impact Level: 1
+Natural Protection: Gain +2 Armor. Reflect 2 thorns damage onto melee attacking mobs.
+Gotta go fast: You gradually accelerate when sprinting, indicated by a speed meter. Holding sneak while sprinting allows you to spin dash, filling the bar up faster. When the meter is full, you turn into a ball, giving a massive speed boost, damage reduction, improved thorns damage, and knock mobs back. However you can't attack or consume items in ball form.
+Resilient: Immune to poison & hunger.
=1.5 blocks tall
-Aquaphobia: Cannot swim in water. Being underwater heavily reduces attack speed.
-Lactose Intolerant: Cannot eat any food or drink that contains milk.
-Large Appetite: Loses Hunger Quicker
-Fragile: -3 Hearts


Impact Level: 1
+Ores have a 25% chance to drop double when not using silk touch. Does not work on Ancient Debris.
+Can break blocks with bare hands
+2 Health and Armor Toughness
+Can see better in caves
+Immune to fire damage
=Falls 50% faster. Falling 8 blocks or more causes an explosion that does not damage you or blocks.
-When exposed to the sun gets negative effects over time.
-50% more vulnerable to pickaxe attacks and explosions


Impact Level: 1
+Leap (Ability): Lets you launch forward in the direction you are looking. 5 second cooldown.
+75% transparent underwater
+Underwater speed increased (Less than Merling, same as Axolotl)
+Can eat even at full hunger
-Dehydrated: If you are on land for longer than 5 minutes, take fire damage, gain slowness & hunger. Standing in water hydrates yourself.
-10% less speed on land.
-Villager's Prices are increased and iron golems attack you on sight.


Impact Level: 1
+Tough Shell: +4 Health, +2 Armor, +2 Toughness, 20% Knockback resistance
+Shell Storage: Can store up to 9 items. Drops on death.
+Flippers: Underwater speed increased. (More than crocodilian & axolotl but less than merling)
+Breathes 3x longer underwater
+Gets 1 less level of Slowness, Slowness duration reduced by 85%.
+Lays a turtle egg when waking up
+Turtle Boost: Wearing the Turtle Helmet is equivalent to netherite without the knockback resistance.
=Falls 50% faster. Falling 8 blocks or more causes an explosion that does not damage you or blocks.
-Slippery Flippers: Has a harder time aiming with ranged weapons. When charging up one your crosshair jitters.

-Moves 50% slower when not under the effects of slow falling.


Impact Level: 2
+Regrowth: (ability) Can bonemeal blocks with an empty hand at the cost of hunger. 12 second cooldown.
+Nature Magic: Bees pollenate faster in a 20 block radius and can refresh their stingers. They will not attakc you and gain the benefits from Pack Leader.
+Pack Leader: Nearby animals (20 block radius) Get Strength Speed & Absorption Every 5 seconds. While you are near a pet you get regeneration. Cannot hurt your own pets.
+Head Start: Wooden Tools are 50% more efficient
+Woodland Stride: Walks 20% faster on logs & leaves
+Forest Phasing (Ability): Can climb and hit through leaves while the ability is active.
+One with nature: Cacti & Sweet Berry Bushes cannot hurt you.
-2 Less Hearts
-Being in a low ceiling weakens and slows you.
-Fire LASTS FOREVER on you until extinguished
-Vegetarian: Cannot eat meat.


Impact Level: 2
+Leap (Ability): Lets you launch forward in the direction you are looking. 5 second cooldown.
+Camoflauge: Slowly turns invisible when not moving. Attacking disables this ability for 2 seconds, but getting hit disables it for 4 seconds. Does not work underwater. Stealth melee hits deal bonus damage equal to your attack speed. While fully stealthed mobs targeting you get slowness and you slowly regenerate health.
+Razor Claws: Every 3 seconds your attacks inflict a 1 damage sting that pierces armor.
+Sprinting Speed boosted by 30%.
=Expert Hunter: You cannot naturally regnerate health or gain hunger from foods, but gain health and hunger on mob kills.
=Is an arthropod
-3 less hearts (-6 Health)
-Other Arthropods deal twice as much damage to you and they inflict slowness.


Impact Level: 2
+Thunder Crash (Ability): Strike Lightning wherever you are looking! 18.5 second cooldown, does not work when in water (not rain)
+Sprinting Speed boosted by 30%.
+Twister (Ability): Greatly launch yourself upwards and forward. Cannot be used while flying with an elytra.
+Immune to fall dmaage
=Electric Spark Particles
-Creepers around you become charged
-Claustrophobia: Being in a low ceiling weakens you and makes you slower.
-Fresh Air: Can only sleep above y87
-Conductive: Can only wear enchanted armor.


Impact Level: 2

+Enhanced Air Control: You can move left, right & back with the elytra using your movement keys, and can hold sneak to slowly descend.
+Dragon Leap: Increased jump height
+Winged: has elytra wings
+Nocturnal: Can slightly see in the dark when not in water.
+Dragonscale: Immune to Fire Damage & 40% Resistant to Magic Damage
+Can shoot single fireballs.
-Hollow Bones: Takes 75% more damage from projectiles, explosions, falling, and kinetic damage
-Heavy Wings: 50% increased gravity while flying with the elytra.
-Draconic Fear: Villagers have increased prices and iron golems attack you.
-Draconic Worship: 50% less damage to dragons.


Impact Level: 3
+Acrobatics: Immune to fall damage
+Steadfast Pounce: Moves 33% faster when sneaking, can crit while sprinting & falling at the same time
+Stalker: You slowly turn invisible when sneaking. Attacking disables this ability for 2 seconds, but getting hit disables it for 4 seconds. This ability does not work underwater. In addition, your first attack while under this effect strikes fear on your enemy. Stealth melee hits deal bonus damage equal to your attack speed. However getting hit while in stealth mode will give you fear instead. While fully stealthed, your natural healing is boosted. (Fear prevents movement for 2 seconds, but you can still jump around)
-Carnivore: Cannot Eat Meat.
-Sickened: When holding food that isn't meat you become nauseaus.
-Endangered: Illagers deal 50% more damage to you. When they hit you you become inflicted with slowness for 10 seconds.
-Large Appetite: Lose hunger faster.

+If Alex's Mobs is installed: gain permanant Tiger's Blessing, which makes tigers neutral unless attacked. This power is not present if that mod is not installed or in the fabric version.


Impact Level: 3
+Elusive: While sprinting & not sneaking you are immune to mob melee damage (not player)
+Sprinting Speed boosted by 30%.
+Hop: You can double jump
+Steadfast Pounce: Moves 33% faster when sneaking, can crit while sprinting & falling at the same time
+Velvet Paws: Footsteps don't cause any vibrations
+Soft Paws: Can fall 1 more block before taking damage
+Lactose Boost: Foods with milk in it restore more hunger
=1 block tall
-1 less reach distance
-Needs Lactose: Can only eat items with milk in it
-Unless holding a knife damage & attack speed reduced by 33%.
-Deadly Toxins: Poison can kill you
-Weak Body: 4 Less Hearts


Impact Level: 3
+Flap (Ability): Hold down the ability key to slowly flap upwards. Costs same hunger as jumping.
+Seed Eater: Can eat seeds to regain hunger. Gain speed for 1 second after doing so.
+Tailwind: Increased Speed
+Featherweight: Slow falling unless sneaking
+Projectile Boost: 24.8932572315766478% bonus projectile damage. If you are wondering why the number is so specific its because someone requested me to do it
=Small Bird: 1 block tall
=Right click any mob or player with an empty hand to ride on their shoulder!
- 4 less hearts, 1 reduced reach distance, -15% mining speed & melee damage.
- Unwieldy: Cannot use shields
- No Chocolate: Eating Cookies or anything with chocolate in it permanantly poisons you.
(Also standing in chocolate fluid from create poisons you.)
- Deadly Toxins: You can die from the poison effect.
- Vegetarian: Cannot eat meat.


Impact Level: 3
+Fake Death: If you get killed by a mob or player, but not environmental damage, you will revive with 3 hearts then leave a fake death message and turn invisible for 5 seconds. 5 Minute Cooldown after it activates.
+True Invisibility: Armor is hidden while invisible
+Forest Phasing (Ability): Can climb and hit through leaves while the ability is active.
+Nocturnal: Can see in the dark
=Australian Augments: All Potion effects good or bad last 20% longer.
=1.5 block tall
-Cannot sleep unless above y86
-Weak Body: 4 Less Hearts
-Pushover: Your Armor & Toughness is reduced by 30%, and you recieve 30% more knockback


Impact Level: 3
+Toxic Breath: Spew short-range vomit that poisons and nauseates enemies at the cost of your hunger.
+Hunger Pains: Gain Increased Damage the lower your hunger bar is. Reduced Starvation Damage.
+Mutated Metabolism: The Hunger Effect Regenerates your health. Higher levels regen more.
+Unnauseaus: Being used to eating rotten foods most consider disgusting, you are immune to nausea.
+One step a-head: You do not lose your helmet on death. Start with a leather cap.
+Undead Cannibalism: Killing other undead mobs recovers 1 heart.
+You can eat at full hunger
=Undead: Classified as undead. (Immune to Regneration, Instant Health hurts, Harming Heals, takes more damage from smite, etc...)
-Rotting Corpse: Cannot naturally regen health.
-Unsatisfied Appetite: Food gives 75% less saturation.
-Villager Prices are increased and Iron Golems attack you.
-Burning Flesh: You burn in daylight when not wearing a helmet. If you are wearing a helmet it takes damage over time.
-Carnivore: Cannot Eat Meat
=Soulless Husk: If Requiem is installed, this cannot be selected as a remnant.


Impact Level: 3
+Brutal: +3 Hearts (+6 Health) and +1 Attack Damage
+Shiny Synergy: Gold Tools & Armor is as good as iron, and has a 75% chance to not use durability. Gold Tools can harvest blocks above their normal mining level. Netherite gains half bonuses.
+Spectral Enhancements: Using spectral arrows deal +3 damage, inflict glowing for twice as long and affects all mobs in a 5 block area on hit.
+Market Barterer: Gain double loot from bartering with piglins. Piglins can also give you food & wood to help ease early game.
+Gold Harvester: Nether Gold Ores drop 1-3 more gold nuggets when not using silk touch.
+Hog Relatives: Piglins & Brutes are passive.
+Pork Farmer: Hoglins deal 50% less damage. If Farmer's Delight is installed, eating cooked foods made from pork grant the Comfort effect.
+Small Appetite: Lose hunger slower.
=Bastion Spawn: start in a bastion remnant.
=Zombification: When outside the nether you become slower, undead and have increased damage.
-Wither Enemies: Takes double damage from the Wither Effect.
-Picky Eater: Can only eat foods made of pork and golden foods.


New Origins Class:
+2 extra luck when fishing
+Double loot from fishing