The Graveyard - Custom Structure Addition

Add this datapack to your world to add your own structures to existing Graveyard structures, to let them generate along.

Where to put the datapack? Datapack must be located in your .minecraft/saves/yourWorldName/datapack folder.

Check the "pack_format" in pack.mcmeta. It should be set according to the minecraft version you are playing on.

  • 1.20                    -> "pack_format": 15
  • 1.19.4                 -> "pack_format": 12
  • 1.19 - 1.19.3     -> "pack_format": 10
  • 1.18.2                 -> "pack_format": 9

    How to:

1. Navigate to the "structures"-folder. Place your custom structure NBT-file into the folder of the structure you like to extend.

2. Navigate to the "worldgen/template_pool"-folder.
3. Go into the folder of the structure with the same name where you put your NBT-file.
4. Open the pool-JSON-file (in most cases it is just "start_pool.json).

5. Edit the JSON by adding a new structure element with the name of your custom structure (matching the file name). You can also set the weight of a structure and if its generation will adapt itself to the terrain. (For example streets in villages are terrain_matching).