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Textureless [32x PBR]

Requires Optifine and a shader supporting PBR materials!


Textureless is a special resource pack that was originally designed for testing shader functionality/quality rather than gameplay - but there's been enough interest I've decided to share it publicly. The colors and patterns used are based on the original vanilla textures to maintain the Minecraft feel, but with all baked-lighting removed leaving flat color tones. Instead the full PBR specification is used for shading, providing a more realistic result. You can find more information and additional releases on the GitHub page.


Get the Custom Models addon pack
Warning: may break lighting with voxelized shaders.



Recommended Shaders:


*   for MollyVX, the LabBakedAO release from github is recommended. 
**  for SEUS-PTGI, the OldPbr release from github is recommended.