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This resourcepack is custom-made for shaders, so the textures might look weird if you aren't using any shaders or shaders that doesn't support all of the features or normal/specular mapping.

The pack focuses on large scale texture tiling / randomization using various optifine-format features instead of having high texture res or detailed custom block models. And they're mostly color-matched to default textures to ensure existing builds and maps won't look too different when viewed with the pack. Grass and leaves texture are also compatible with biome coloring so they should work with datapack/modded biome tints.

Due to the amount of extra textures, this pack is significantly heavier than other packs at the same resolution.

The pack also features custom mob animation from FreshLX (creator of fresh animations pack), with additional tweaks to fit the models better.

Currently all 1.21 blocks and items are complete (except wolf armor, new paintings, and armor trims), in progress of adding wolf armor/variants and fixing issues.

You can find 64x / 128x / 256x res or free older versions on my patreon.




  • Basic: all essential block textures / models (required)
  • Addon: optional extra features that fits default gameplay
  • Bonus: optional extra features that doesn't fit default gameplay
  • Models: optional extra custom models

The "basic" pack need to be loaded at the bottom (just above default/mod resources), and the optional packs can be loaded on top in any order.

Check the included "features list" text file inside each optional pack to see detail descriptions of what they add/how to use them, or how to remove unwanted features in the "models" pack.




For Fabric / Iris mod users -

Make sure to install these mods:

* Some custom mob models and animations might not work correctly.
* Colormatic hasn't been updated for quite some time, so the wool/carpet/terracotta/concrete/concrete-powder will be all white. No longer needed after 1.20.4 update.


For Optifine users -

Make sure these settings are set correctly:

  • "Quality Settings > Connected Textures" to Fancy
  • "Quality Settings > Natural Textures" to Off
  • "Quality Settings > Custom Colors" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Custom Entity Models" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Random Entities" to On
  • "Quality Settings > Anisotropic Filtering" to Off
  • "Detail Settings > Alternate Blocks" to On
  • "Detail Settings > Trees" to Smart or Fancy
  • "Performance Settings > Smart Animations" to On
  • "Shaders > Shader Options" and enable any LabPBR format emissive/sub-surface-scattering options