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This is Rebearth

The Remastered Minecraft Earth Themed Resource Pack!


This pack aims to port all of the custom mobs and features that are exclusive to Minecraft Earth to Minecraft Java!


Here are some screenshots:





Albino Cow
Amber Chicken
Ashen Cow
Bold Striped Rabbit
Bone Spider
Bouldering Zombie
Bronzed Chicken

Brule Cow
Cookie Cow

Dairy Cow
Fancy Chicken
Flecked Sheep
Furnace Golem
Glow Squid

Gold-Crested Chicken
Harelequin Rabbit
Horned Sheep
Inky Sheep
Jolly Llama
Jumbo Rabbit
Lobber Zombie
Melon Golem
Midnight Chicken

Mottled Pig
Muddy Foot Rabbit
Muddy Pig
Pale Pig
Piebald pig
Pink Footed Pig

Pinto Cow
Rainbow Sheep
Rocky Sheep
Skeleton Wolf
Spotted pig

Skewbald Chicken

Sooty Pig
Stormy Chicken
Sunset Cow
Tropical Slime
Vested Rabbit
Viler Witch
Wooly Cow





Block of Ruby


Adventure Chests

Pink Daisy

Rainbow Bed

Rainbow Carpet

Ruby Ore

Rainbow Wool





Music Disc - Earth

Music Disc - Sprouting




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