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This is an Add-On extension meant by default for the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected resource pack made by me (Babbajagga).
It will work with any other pack as well. But make sure to use MCPatcher (recommended) with CTM enabled, or OptiFine.


The Add-On pack enhances mainly the look of the stone-related stuff meant for building (this includes stone-like blocks, as well as slabs, stairs and even walls!). However the Walls are only available thru the Metadata textures (= works only in Minecraft versions prior to 1.8).
See the Update Log for complete list of features.

The Metadata textures have been removed from all other AddOn packs, incl. this one due to bugging in latest MC releases after 1.8+

All the extra textures can be now found in a separate MetaData AddOn pack.

>>> You can find the MetaDatas over here <<<


There are still quite some things to add though:
Stonebricks - mainly done, but needs more fixes in cfg files
Polished Diorite
Polished Granite
Stone Slabs
Quartz Blocks
End Stone
Lapis Lazulli Block
Emerald Block
Gold Block
Diamond Block
Redstone Block



  1. place the downloaded .zip file into the resource pack folder within ".../.minecraft"
  2. in game, move the pack atop of any current packs
  3. hit Done, the game should become a nicer place to play in ;-)

You NEED to use MCPAtcher (or OptiFine) for this addon to work.


If you encounter any bugs let me know please via PM or in the Comments below.


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