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This is an Add-On extension meant by default for the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Core resource pack made by me (Babbajagga).
It will work with any other pack as well, but the result may be weird. Make sure to use MCPatcher (recommended) with CTM enabled, or OptiFine.


ANNOUNCEMENT! - If you previously used the Full Edition Ornate release, read on.
This replaces the formerly known Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Full Edition resource pack.
This pack contains all of the features of the Full Edition and will be from now on developed as an All-in-One AddOns bundle.
(You can read more about this change over here in my blog)


This AddOn is not fully standalone resource pack, you should still use the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected Core pack as a basis. (link here)


This is a compilation of all main AddOns in one bundle. So you don't need to download and manage several AddOn packs.
You can still use the other addons not contained in this bundle atop of this one.




This pack includes:
Fragile v1 AddOn
Bestiary AddOn
MCPatcher FX AddOn
Stonecutter's AddOn
Woodworker's AddOn
Iron Forger's v4 AddOn


In case you are looking for the MetaData textures.

The Metadata textures have been removed from all other AddOn packs, incl. this one due to bugging in latest MC releases after 1.8+

All the extra textures can be now found in a separate MetaData AddOn pack.

>>> You can find the MetaDatas over here <<<



  1. place the downloaded .zip file into the resource pack folder within ".../.minecraft"
  2. in game, move the pack atop of any current packs
  3. hit Done, the game should become a nicer place to play in ;-)

You NEED to use MCPAtcher (or OptiFine) for this addon to work.


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