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A 64-128px resource pack with dark, intricate theme focused on ornamental style with semi-realistic, medieval, victorian feeling.


As of December 2014, this pack became the standard basis (core) for the Ornate 5 Re-resurrected resource pack.
I will release separately downloadable AddOn packs, that will further extend the features of this pack providing a full MCPatcher feature support (just like it was known from the Full Edition of this pack before). So everyone will have the opportunity to easily adjust the pack to his/her liking without a need of having just stick to the cut down release (Lite Edition/Core) or picking the performance demanding Full Edition as it was in the past months.
That said, if you are fine with the merely default rp of Ornate 5 RR, then you can use only the Core.
In case you wish to have a different font style, or nicer wood blocks, CTM support, animations, Randomobs, biome based textures or  MetaData textures (applies only for mc versions  prior to MC 1.8.x) then you simply download the corresponding AddOn pack and you are done. No need of unpacking, copying, replacing, overwritting or whatever like that. You will have the chance now to simply add or remove the parts of the pack you do (not) wish to have via the in-game menu for resource packs.


This is a cut down release for the least performance consuming purposes. There are no alternative textures included, no animations (except water, lava, fire, portal), no CTM, Metadata support, randomobs, lightmaps, nor anything else... basicaly it has near zero MCPatcher dependency.

Due to this change the pack size dropped from over 100MB to just around 30MB!

If you make a video review of this pack, let me know and I will add it to the main topic :)

AddOns Management showcase [mc 1.7-1.8]


>>> Gigabowser51 made video review (a bit outdated) <<<


This amazing pack, gem of art!, was formerly created by sevenfour, since he abandoned the project represent601 took over updating the pack for some time,... nowadays, I am the current caretaker.

I am trying to stick to the former Ornate texture pack style and continue adding new content as time goes on.



If there is anything you would like to know, feel free to visit the main topic at planetminecraft.com
there is a huge FAQ section, if that is not what you seek, just send me a PM or email, I will try to response to you asap.


Head over to the main topic found on planetminecraft.com to see the changelogs, current progress, news, screenshots, older versions, or even special bonuses released at specific milestones (Ornate themed icons for your operating system, Wallpapers, builds, world saves, etc.)


sevenfour - for this amazing beauty he started back in the days (former Ornate tp)
represent601 - for continuing on this pack later on and the support given to me (link to his continuation)
MithrandirMoon - for all the kindness and textures provided, Danke!
LolTurdFerguson - for the texture support with her HumbleCraft