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Welcome to Mowzie's Revamped, a resource pack that has my own takes on all of the mobs from Mowzie's Mobs! This pack includes:


- Retextures of all barakoa, Barako, foliaaths, grottols, and lanterns

- Barakoa mask items retextured


And in the future, I plan on texturing the Naga and Frostmaw, as well as the other items and blocks.




Q: Will future mobs like the sculptor be retextured in this pack?

A: Yes! The pack will be updated as the new mobs release.


Q: What about the Ferrous Wroughtnaut?

A: Frenderman's new texture for it is great, and I have no improvements I would make to it!


Thank you to all of the members of my discord and the Mowzie's Mods discord, I wouldn't have made it to this point without you!


Have fun! :)