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438 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 18, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +1

This pack is designed to demonstrate the functionality of MoreMcmeta, which does not modify the game until animated textures are added. The textures it contains also serve as examples for those who want to create their own animated textures for MoreMcmeta.

Mob, GUI, shadow, moon, and enchantment glint examples

This pack is not intended to have any cohesive theme, other than that the textures are all animated. It contains:

  • Gold armor that changes color based on the time of day
  • Planet with moving ice chunks as the Moon
  • Magma zombie
  • Techno-wizard drowned
  • Rainbow shadow
  • Rainbow diamond armor
  • Rainbow bat
  • Rainbow enchantment glint
  • Rainbow checkered map background
  • Rainbow Minecraft logo
  • Rainbow hot bar and menu buttons
  • Outdoors-y survival inventory
  • Blast furnace that has an alternating orange and blue fire


This pack requires MoreMcmeta for the animations to work. If the textures appear broken, make sure you have MoreMcmeta installed.


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