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Mindthemood's Miscellaneous Tweaks

Adds some various tweaks to the appearances of redstone components; intended to be used alongside 'Copper Integration,' a datapack that modifies the recipes of various redstone components to involve more copper.

This pack makes the following tweaks:

  • Turns Jungle Wood Green, including all assosiated things. (Doors, fences, buttons, etc.) I personally find the old jungle textures redundant given the wood types available, and wanted to add something a little bit more unique. (Yes, I'm aware Vanilla tweaks has this for older versions.) The textures are also compatible with StayTrue, and will give more varied and detailed variants when StayTrue is installed.
  • Adds Copper Components to most redstone blocks to match modded components from Mindthemood's Bits & Bobs, and to reflect the datapack's recipes.
  • All Iron blocks, (doors, trapdoors, bars, etc), are now consistent with the Iron Golem iron texture, and look a bit more weathered. This extends to other blocks and mobs with iron components.
  • Magical mobs, (such as blazes, endermen, ghasts, phantoms, etc), now have soul themed textures.
  • Magical items, (such as ender eyes, dragon's breath, blaze powder/rods, etc), now have soul themed textures, along with the player's experience bar.
  • Elytra now have additional soul themed details, partly for coolness, partly to indicate their function when used with Mindthemood's Soulytra.
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians now use copper textures similar to other golems.
  • Adds unique shapes for generic dyes.
  • Creepers now have a mossy texture consistent with regular moss.
  • Decorated Pots have more detailed components consistent with Mindthemood's Bits & Bobs.
  • A couple of vanilla textures are repeated in the resource pack to override Stay True textures that clash with other modded blocks.


Starting with Version 7, the following changes are also included:

  • Fresh Animations support has been added. (And is now required, unless you like all your mobs without eyes.) Load this resource pack over Fresh Animations to override entity textures.
  • Wounded Entities now have different appearances depending on their remaining health. This effects basically everything in the game, including both friendly and hostile mobs. (Most creatures bleed, zombie skin falls off, skeletons crack, and so on and so forth.  Requires Optifine.)
  • Mod Support, for other Mindthemoods Mods! Includes texture tweaks to Fabulous Fletching, Bits and Bobs, Superior Structures, and Ashen Remains.
  • Emissive Textures for armor, equipment, blocks, and smithing templates have been added for Superior Smithing, Ashen Remains, and Bits & Bobs. This is (mostly) shader compatible, but requires Optifine. It also looks extremely cool.