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Copper Integration

Copper is cool, but kind of useless for anything other than decoration. This tiny lil' datapack adds copper as an ingredient for certain recipes. While also fixing some other issues I have with certain recipes.

  • Redstone lamps now require two copper bars, two redstone, and one glowstone block.
  • Standard Minecart rails now use copper instead of iron for a crafting ingredient, making them generally a bit more cost effective.
  • Redstone Comparators and Repeaters both use copper in place of stone, and produce two circuits each.
  • Levers and Redstone torches now use copper ingots instead of sticks.
  • Hoppers now use three iron ingots, two copper ingots, and one chest.


The 1.20 version is intended for use with Mindthemood's Bits Bobs & Buildings, and adds modded ingredients to some vanilla recipes, namely:

  • Machinery ingredients for compasses, clocks, recovery compasses, and jukeboxes.


Also check out the 'Mindthemood's Circuitry' texture pack, which tweaks various redstone blocks to include copper components ~