Fabulous Fletching




The Smithing table is actually interesting now! (It wasn't when I made the smithing mod!) So to continue the pattern of making mods for things that Mojang will almost certainly get around to doing themselves at some point, I made a fletching mod! It involves arrows. 

  • Use the fletching table, (which now has a tweaked recipe involving copper), to craft arrows! You can make different tiers of arrows using different tips, and then modify them using different special ingredients.
  • The most basic Flint Arrows can be crafted using just a crafting table, (though you'll get more from the fletching table), and are the weakest variety of arrow. They're inaccurate, don't fly very far, almost always break when they hit hard surfaces, and always break when they hit an enemy. One flint, stick, and feather yields 5 flint arrows.
  • Slightly improved Iron Arrows are a bit more accurate, and fly substantially further, dealing slightly more damage. They never break when they hit hard surfaces, but always break when they hit an enemy. One iron nugget, stick, and feather yields 3 iron arrows.
  • Shiny Golden Arrows are lightweight but fragile- they fly the furthest, and pack a heavy punch, but break a third of the time they hit a target, and a third of the time they hit a hard surface. They're also slightly more expensive, requiring a gold nugget, stick, and feather to yield 2 golden arrows.
  • Fancy Diamond Arrows are an expensive investment, but a reliable choice for the picky archer. They fly further and deal more damage than iron arrows, (not quite as much as golden arrows), but rarely break on impact with an enemy, and almost never break on impact with a hard surface, making them extra-durable. A diamond, blaze rod, and feather yield 2 diamond arrows.
  • And lastly, expensive Forged Arrows deal by far the most damage, but fly only as far as iron arrows. They deal unavoidable armor piercing damage on impact, are immune to fire and lava, and never break. Netherite scrap, a blaze rod, and a feather yields a single forged arrow.
  • Tipped Arrows can now also be crafted without the need of a lingering potion/dragon's breath. While lingering potions produce more arrows, you can use the fletching table to make tipped arrows with splash potions, yielding 2 tipped arrows per potion. 


Arrows can now be modified using six different special ingredients. (Possibly more in future updates.) This includes:

  • Glowstone Dust, which makes Spectral variants of each arrow. (The duration of the glowing effect increases with the power of the arrow.) 
  • Redstone Dust, which makes Seeking variants of each arrow, that course correct towards the nearest entity in a small radius. 
  • Gunpowder, which makes Volatile, explosive variants of each arrow, dealing high damage, but destroying the arrow on impact. (Or producing Netherite Scrap when applied to forged arrows.)
  • Slime balls, which make Slimed, bouncy variants of each arrow. I can think of almost no practical use for these, but there you go. (The number of bounces increases with the power of the arrow.)
  • Prismarine shards, which makes Prismatic variants of each arrow that fly perfectly straight underwater. 
  • And Ender Pearls, which make Warped variants of each arrow. Warped arrows teleport back to the shooter's inventory if they hit a block without breaking, and swap the shooter's position with enemies they hit. Use as you see fit.


All custom arrows should be (more or less) compatible with vanilla enchantments. (Infinity does not work on modified arrows, and arrows shot with a multishot bow do not drop items when broken. Other bow enchantments are unchanged.) 

This mod was heavily inspired by Nock Enough Arrows! If you want a more extensive fletching system, check out their mod instead!