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Welcome! You know me as the creator of the Vanillaccurate pack.
I wanted to share some of my other projects to the CurseForge people. Introducing...


-=-=-=-=-=-= REALACCURATE =-=-=-=-=-=-

It's a sister-pack to Vanillaccurate that strives to retain the Vanilla aesthetic as much as possible but without the signature "pixels" you see in Vanillaccurate.


The CurseForge page has the 128x pack for free, but there are resolutions up to 2K!



Here are showcases from FernFox and Digital Dreams




If you like my work, please don't hesitate to give your support on Patreon or BuyMeACoffee, and get exclusive perks, rewards and downloads!


Here's the link to the official webpage for all HARDTOPnet products: https://hardtopnet.ovh

main download portal for all products : https://hardtopnet.ovh/download

Here is the link to the official blog (all Vanillaccurate versions) : https://vanillaccurate.space

free downloads are here : https://vanillaccurate.space/download



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