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Hey all, this is HardTop with HardTopNet.

I’m currently working on a resource pack for Minecraft 1.12 & 1.13+ called HardTop’s Vanillaccurate Pack.
It aims to look very close to the original while providing very detailed features. It also features PBR and POM resources.



The pack is currently 16x to 512x resolutions (1K and 2K resolutions are possibly planned in the future).

There are also Bedrock RTX and MCPE versions!





REALACCURATE (link to CurseForge project)

I'm also developing a similar pack (128x to 2K) using the same assets and visual style as Vanillaccurate but without the pixelated looks. It's called Realaccurate.

You'll find version 128x on this dedicated CurseForge project page. Higher resolutions are Patreon-exclusives.


TOONACCURATE (link to the CurseForge project)

There is also another pack that has a stylized, cartoony-style called ToonAccurate.

You'll find versions 32x to 128x on this dedicated CurseForge project page, higher resolutions are available to Patrons on the Patreon.



Currently supported features are

(click links for screenshot/video previews)




Possible future features include

  • More mods supports.
  • Random textures (stone, grass, ...)
  • ...and possibly many others ;-)



You'll find 16x, 64x and 128x full packs for Vanillaccurate, Realaccurate, and ToonAccurate (for Java) here on CurseForge.

The other packs you'll find either on the blog (Vanillaccurate up to 512x, Vanillaccurate RTX, Vanillaccurate for MCPE) or on the Patreon (Realaccurate up to 512x and 2K; ToonAccurate up to 512x)



Here's the link to the official webpage for all HARDTOPnet products: https://hardtopnet.ovh

main download portal for all products : https://hardtopnet.ovh/download

Here is the link to the official blog (all Vanillaccurate versions) : https://vanillaccurate.space

free downloads are here : https://vanillaccurate.space/download

Here is the link to my patreon (Realaccurate, ToonAccurate, and other projects) : https://www.patreon.com/hardtopnet/







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