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This is Craftmas!


The Christmas Themed Resource Pack


This is a resource pack that is perfect for Christmas and Winter Time as it makes the entire world snowy!

A lot of other christmas references are in there too, such as Candy Cane Fences  (Seen Below)


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- v1.0 Features -


  1. Snowy Netherrack
  2. Snowy Grass
  3. Snowy Leaves
  4. Snowmen
  5. Baubles
  6. Candy Cane Fences
  7. Presents
  8. Christmas Trees
  9. Christmas Lights
  10. Present Chests
  11. Skiing Villagers
  12. Icy Nether
  13. Blue Nether Fog
  14. Blue Magma
  15. Wreaths on Doors
  16. Candy Cane Hunger
  17. Star Health Bar
  18. Hotbar
  19. Red/Green XP Bar
  20. Menu Background
  21. Options Background
  22. Candle Torches
  23. Christmas Buttons

    Thank you ZenithKnight#1225 for getting the villagers to ski