Conquest's Medieval Armors and Weapons

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WIP Description


This mod adds the medieval themed armors, weapons, shields, and 3d helmets from the Conquest Resource-pack. The armor models for all modded armors have been altered as well to be less bulky (ie: they don’t clip through one another anymore) and more realistic. 


Everything should be craftable in survival through a new crafting table called the “Arms Station”, which is similar to the stonecutter but preserves durability and enchantments. It also offers extended and reduced weapon reach for certain weapons, such as spears and daggers. More mechanics like this may come in the future.


This will be labeled as “beta” as specific mechanics are subject to change. The goal of this first release is to begin making Conquest’s armors available to you all without being forced to use the vanilla resource-pack. 


We plan on releasing the remainder of the armors and weapons in separate themed mods (eg: Fantasy, Ancient, Asian). We’re making them separate from each other and the main mod to reduce issues when updating if a certain mechanic breaks, give players more freedom to choose what they want to play with – or what their machine is able to play with – and to avoid creating a massive “kitchen sink” mod.


Recipe for Arms Station (for crafting the new items):



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