Baer's Renditions

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This resource pack is designed for the modpack BaerCraft, but anyone is free to use this as it’s purpose is to completely redesign Minecraft’s default GUIs.

Additionally, this will have a ton of support for other mods in the near future!

BaerCraft has over 200 mods, so there will be a ton of GUIs and mod support added over time. Some of the mod support currently being worked on:



 Thermal Series

 Ice and Fire

 Iron Chests

 Immersive Engineering

 Builders Crafts and Additions


 Cosmetic Armor Reworked

 Flux Networks

 Iron Shulker Boxes

 Mr. Crayfish Furniture Mod

 …and heaps more!


You can check out all the mods that will have a GUI overhaul here (mod list is at the bottom of the page):

Thanks to milesdemillas for allowing me use textures from Enhacned Hub


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