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Windom Shaders

I decided to show off my recent shader in curseforge, so more users will be able to experience the feeling of advanced minecraft with great peformance. These shaders are very new so it doesn't have alot, but you still might like it.
What is Windom?

Windom is my recent shader that allows you to have a fancy look of minecraft and great peformance. It will be playable for everyone, even intel GPU users will be able to run this with smooth peformance. The shadows are made to look fancy but have the fastest peformance, they look kinda pixe-ly but still looks good. The SSAO is incredible and is used (with permission) from BSL by Capt Tatsu, it runs well and gives more of the advanced and fancy look into minecraft. The underwater and lava fog are so incredible with the natural vibrant look of it. You'll see more when you'll download the shaders.
What does Windom have?

For now,  Windom has some features. Not alot, it has:

-Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

-Fast shadows

-Custom lighting colors


-Motion Blur

-Custom fog

And that's all for now. Soon there will be more.

Which GPUs does it support?
It supports:




-Apple (unknown)


Description will be updated tommorrow. Please enjoy.