Welcome to Monophonic! It is a shaderpack that aims for good performance and compatibility for gameplay!


It is compatible with Iris only (Optifine won't work!!) and works well with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, Intel iGPUs should theoretically work fine, but no intel user has tested this shaderpack yet.

Nether and End support are limited at the moment, so don't expect full compatibility.


For the most, I use the all rights reserved license, but I really wouldn't recommend using my code (I did not intend it for the use of being edited). If you'd like to edit anyway, you can ask me here! https://discord.gg/6nyR6CKHbg


  • Screen Space Shadows
  • Saturation, Contrast & Vibrance Sliders
  • Waving Foliage
  • Vanilla Clouds Support
  • Resource Pack Water Normals Support
  • Custom Fog

(More Coming Soon)