World's End - Skyblock Survival

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About World's End:

World's End is about surviving and rebuilding the world. We don't know what happen to the world, but we do know right now that we are currently the only survivor on this tiny land floating in the sky and we must survive at any cost. 


Right now "World's End - Skyblock Survival" is Stone Legions's first Public Modpack on Curse. The idea besides building and surviving is to try to remove most if not all none vanilla dimensions and even vanilla dimensions we wanted to turn them into void worlds as well. Too many other Skyblock packs are about surviving a day or 2 on a tiny island then go find a dimension that has ores and everything you need. That is not the case in World's End. We really want to force the player to stay and continue to grow their Skyblock base rather then flying off to another Dimension and making a new home.


We have already put 100's of hours into making the pack and plan on putting 100's of more into it. If you have suggestions, comments, or bugs then please let us know asap. We are here to help and we will not ignore you. That is one thing we want to change with packs is offer the best support we can. 




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We suggest you post them on our forums for the fastest level of service.


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Q: Is there a server pack to download?

A: Not at this time I'm not actually quite sure how to distribute them on Curse legally. As far as I know all the packs who zip them up have been doing them wrong but I could be mistaken.

Q: Is there a Mac/Linux Version?

A: This is actually the same answer to the Server one. I have no clue how to legally distribute them via curse. 

Q: Is there a Server to play on?

A: We have a small one setup for our community. You are more then welcome to play if you like:


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