The Next Leap

584 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 17, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

The Next Leap is a 1.12.2 Minecraft modpack that is heavily based on IndustrialCraft and Tech Reborn and is considered an Expert Pack. Just because it's labeled as an expert pack does not mean it's super grindy, but rather makes use of more than just one mod at a time. 


One of the Unique features about our pack is we have nerfed most methods of transportation and encourage using Railcraft trains between your friends and your outposts. As you progress through the tech, you will be able to slowly unlock things like trains, boats, horse travel, jetpacks, etc. When you finally tech up to the Fusion Reactor, you can start building and connecting to other Stargates in the world. 


We plan on updating this pack with new features as time goes on. We are considering calling them expansions where they would have a theme / goal to them and we won't even charge you microtransactions for them.


We are considering adding new mods to the pack, but we have a sort of strict moral code when it comes to performance of the game client and server. We want this to be a more friendly longer term pack where your goals are fun, not OP/creative mod features, but rather things like unlocking Teleportation through Stargates, space travel, etc. This is also a tech pack so most magic related mods don't fit well.


We have tested the pack on a mid-range Core i5 with a dedicated graphics card and 3GB RAM dedicated to Java and the pack runs well.


We have an official server setup that is accessible through the client. We will not be providing server installation instructions/files, but you can easily create a server from the client files.


We hope you enjoy our pack and we encourage you to join our Discord:



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