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About Sandbox 2:

Sandbox is a modpack that is pretty much a big Kitchen Sink Pack. It offers many of the common mods you love and joy and also adds a few unique mods as well. There is no actual point of the pack besides having fun and enjoying it the way you like and that is what is important to us. 

We will modify the configs and change a few things around but the pack is not meant to be difficult as in making custom recipes or forcing certain progression paths, but we will modify the configs and enable certain features that we see fit for the pack as well as fix conflicts or broken recipes that might be a tad silly. 


Discord Channel:

Please use the #Minecraft channel for help / Minecraft related things :)


Memory Recommended To Be Set To 6GB:

How To Set Memory: 
Click the gear in the curse client at the bottom left then go to Minecraft settings and scroll down till you see the above setting. It's recommended you set to 6gigs but you might be able to get away with 5gigs. 


Suggestions / Bug Reports / Comments:
If you have any bugs, issues, mod suggestions, config changes, or any reason to remove or add a mod, then we would love to hear from you. Please just open a ticket (Issues) or reply to this page.


Installation Guide:



Q: Is there a server pack to download?

A: Not during the current beta phase. Will be adding it very soon but we want to make sure things are more stable and tested before we release them. But you are more then welcome to create a server via the client files if you have the know how.

 Q: Is there a Linux Version?

A: This is actually the same answer to the server one since we have to package the entire thing each update.

 Q: Is there a Server to play on?

A: We will have a small one setup for our community soon. You are more then welcome to play if you like:



 Installed Mods:

Mods Outside of Curse:



Let's Play Series: