Workshopcraft 1.9 Patron Template Server

546 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 8, 2016 Game Version: 1.9.4  

As a thank you to my patrons, I am running a patron/donor server and this pack is the basis for the server.  It includes some basic tools to make playing a little easier (like waila and veinminer), as well as important tools I need in order to test changes I make to More Foods as it undergoes development.  In order to connect to the server, you will have to add the indev1(currently) version of More Foods which is currently available to patrons to help test it and weed out any bugs.  The pack will undergo regular updates as well as multiple server resets as i'm almost certain the worldgen i'm working on right now will no doubt break at least 1 test world.   If any patrons have an suggestions for more mods to be added, let me know as i have several unreleased mods i'm working towards making ready for curseforge.



aka Workshopcraft




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