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This is the first release of Alchemicraft for TMT mod jam.  As such, its not feature complete, was made in 4 days and may have bugs.  Once the voting is over i'll start releasing regular updates and implement all the features i ran out of time to implement.  LOTS and LOTS of content to be added!


How it works! :


This mod currently adds 2 Alchemical stones.


Stone of the Wild : This stone allows you to manipulate the wild.  So far it allows you to transmute pumpkin into melon and back again and absorb logs and grass.  


Stone of the Deep : This stone allows you to manipulate the deep.  Transmutation of stone, into cobble, gravel , sand, iron ore, gold ore, lapis ore, diamond, emerald ore, and redstone ore.  Also allows you to transmute obsidian into lava and lava into obsidian. 


Switching modes:

To switch from absorb to emit, simply sneak(Shift) and right click.  Tool tip displays which mode you are in.



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