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Update: 1/1/2017

This mod is currently incompatible with Hopper Ducts.  Simple Barrels uses the new Capability System, Hopper Ducts uses the old inventory system.  They are incompatible.


Check out these spotlights on youtube! :D 





This mod adds simple to craft barrels to minecraft that can store up to 4096 items or blocks of a single type in them.  Latest version now works with Hoppers and any Mod that supports the new Forge Capabilities system.  


Recipe :


Wood                        Iron                Wood

Item Frame              Chest             Comparator

Wood                        Iron                Wood


Wood can be of any vanilla type. oak will make oak barrel, spruce will make spruce. etc.


You can now craft this without the item frame or comparator.  The item Frame lets you see whats inside the barrel, the comparator allows the count to be displayed on the side of the barrel.  Later on you can add these items to the barrel with the upgrades, just put 4 sticks around the item frame or comparator to get the upgrade and then shift click the barrel with the item.





***NEW*** Now Supports Forestry planks in the recipe!