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This pack contains the Space Dimensions mod with a mostly vanilla overworld experience.  Build a rocket and travel through the solar system, and pick a world to settle!  Build sealed buildings and you can even move in Villagers to live with you, including a few new professions.  Planets give unique resources to advance your abilities, including building the Starship that you can customize.  New planets will be added in future updates, for now you can travel to the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Ganymede, Titan, Europa, and Io.  As I add features to the mod, I will also update this pack.


 To start the Advancement line, craft a simple firework rocket.  For help with the Space mod, check out the wiki at Space Dimensions Wiki.






To help kickstart your Earth settlement when starting a new game, craft a Villager Post to have a chance to attract villagers each morning: