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Space Dimensions (Fabric)

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Chinese translation provided by aurora_feather

Korean translation provided by macarong0423



Space Dimensions (Forge)

Forge version now released!




This mod adds the Moon, Mars, and other solar system worlds, and gives modpack makers the ability to add their own dimensions with space survival elements. Each dimension can have its own gravity and skybox, and also require oxygen for players and mobs. A space suit can be filled with oxygen, or you can build a sealed base with the life support blocks.



Implemented Worlds









Surviving in Space



It is possible to make a safe environment in space using the life support system.  Here is a basic setup with power and oxygen generators feeding the sealed life support block. Outside of your base however, you will need a full space suit with an oxygen supplied helmet. 



Build a Starship



It is possible to construct a starship to travel between planets.  You'll be able to build it into your base, and travel to some places the rockets cannot reach.